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Meet Our Chefs: Sous/Pastry Chef Cristina Zambrano

Hello again!  It’s time for our weekly feature: Meet the Chefs. This week you will meet the woman behind all those fantastic vegan soups.   Meet Sous/Pastry Chef Cristina Zambrano.

Chef Cristina Zambrano

I started learning about food at an early age. I love cooking since I could reach a chopping board. I started working at a small restaurant, while attending high school. I got to spread my wings and use my creative side and learned what all happens in a kitchen. I worked there all through out high school. Shortly after graduating, I attended the Art Institute of Dallas.

I fell in love with the art of cooking. There I learned from many chefs: Chef Steven Pilat, Chef Jim Knifong, Chef Nina Hunter, Chef Tim Knifong, and Chef Brenden Mesh. I learned all the essentials; knife cuts, butchering and costing tons of recipes. I graduated the Art Institute of Dallas in 2009. While attending the art institute I worked at Central 214 that is located inside the Hotel Palomar.

There I worked under Chef Billy Cooper, Chef Eric Peters And Chef Blythe Beck, also known as “The  Naughty Chef”.  Here is where I “earned my stripes” as Chef Patrick calls it.  I worked there for almost 3 years. There I practiced everything I learned over the years. I even got to see behind the scenes and also prepping things for demonstrations for Chef Beck. I worked my way up at Central 214, from tossing salads to running line, working banquets and also private events.

Now I set up shop with sundown at Granada with Chef Patrick stark, as one of his sous chefs.

Favorite movie: Suckerpunch
Favorite food: Anything Italian
Favorite song: pursuit of happiness by kid cudi
Anything I’d like to share with the class: I love food, music and working out. I also found out that I love vegan or. Gluten free foods. I’ve learned to make chowder or desserts without cream! Which amazes me every day!
Kitchen tip: For all you young chefs and culinarians. Keep striving for more and set your personal goals.

 Chef Cristina


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