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Staying Cool at Sundown with Mister Fans

No Comments10 July 21:05

      Have you been to our patios lately, are you staying cool in this 100 degree heat? Well you can thank our powerful mister fans and all they have done for us! Shooting mist out at 1000 PSI it’s no wonder how these monsters are made for cooling. Using a technology called “flash evaporation”, these specially designed misters sucks up the heat out of the air, keeping people and surroundings dry while reducing the temperature 30 degrees in this Texas heat wave. Not only are these high pressure cooling mister fans keeping us cool, but can also be used for great eye appeal by adding dramatic fog to pools, ponds and…..bars…..  We have 8 large fans on the rooftop patio, and 9 medium fans downstairs, all angled in different positions. Can you say… mister fan overload…so there no need to worry about the blistering heat on our patios. So we thank you mister fans and you now claim the title “Mister Cool”, mister fans are IN, and thank you Outer Spaces!


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