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Sundown at Granada has plenty of  job openings and we are looking for the best people to work with us. We’re looking for great people to fill the following positions: General Manager,  Waitresses, Waitress assisstants and Busser. Below are a couple of job descriptions.  Check them out and if you’re the right person, then email your resume to  Please NO phone calls.

General Manager description:

  • A deep love for all people.
  • High Energy and a smile that does not waver.
  • The belief that you are a leader so you can do so at all times.
  • An exhibition of sweetness and kindness that all want to emulate.
  • The revelation that your calling is to be a servant and a leader at the same time.
  • You must have a love for managing FOH at a restaurant that later turns into a late night live music venue.
  • You would be closing late night on each shift.
  • We have live bands 7 days a week from 11pm – 2am which happens after our 4pm – 10pm dinner rush.
  • Also a 2 hour meeting generally on Fridays with the management staff.
  • Must work with current AGM and chef and report directly to the owner.
  • Must have five years experience managing a restaurant.
  • Must have worked as a bartender for many years as when we are experiencing volume the managers will step in and help behind the bar or cover part of a bar shift.
  • Must work two doubles per week, opening and closing restaurant.
  • Must settle payment with the bands if closing.
  • Must have some technical knowledge of sound and video as we show movies on a 175″ screen on the rooftop.
  • Must do inventory, run daily reports on P/L, labor, COGS along with AGM and owner.
  • “Must help AGM with overseeing operations, recruits, interviews, and hires team members, conducts performance appraisals, takes discipline action, motivates and train all employees.”
  • Must know about a wide variety of Beer, Liquor, Wine. We have 200+ products.
  • Must know about farm to table concept and craft cocktails. We use fresh ingredients.
  • Must be able to work with out drinking. We do not give a second chance.
  • Must ensure OSHA, local health and safety codes, and company safety and security policy are met.
  • Must control profit & loss by following cash control/security procedures, maintaining inventory, manage labor, reviewing financial reports.
  • Has authority to hire and fire or participate in those decisions.
  • Must manage private events and the success of sales growth.
  • Must build relationships with the community.
  • Must build food and beverage pairings consisting of local products.
  • Must have an exceptional eye for detail and enjoy working directly and daily with the owner to create ways to improve every aspect of the business.
  • Must have strong problem-solving skills
  • Please send resume, list your five favorite bands and if you would like…send a picture of you and or your bicycle.



Waitress description:

  • Shift usually starts at 6pm. Sometimes at 5pm.
  • Approximate one day a week you will have an opening shift that starts at 4pm. This can be during the week or if you have a day job can be on the weekend.
  • Shift ends between 9pm and 11pm on Sunday through Thursday.
  • Shift on Fridays and Saturdays can run a bit longer as kitchen is open until 11pm instead of 10pm.
  • If you like to cocktail after dinner on busy nights you make more money and we like you more.
  • Must have at least one year experience at a restaurant that has quality ingredients and a knowledge of craft cocktails and Liquor/Beer/Wine.
  • Must know about fresh food. Please look at our menu on line.
  • Please read our yelp reviews to get a feel for the food.
  • This is a position for someone that is smart and fast.
  • Need availability on weekends.
  • Staff does not drink on the job.
  • We are seeking people that are endlessly happy and up beat and have recognized one of their gifts is to serve others. It is our calling.
  • Please send resume and if you would like to list your five favorite bands and send a photo of you and/or your bicycle that would be great.




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