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#WhiskeyWednesday Movie Night is BACK!

Starting October 8th at 8:30pm we will kick off the fall Wednesday movie lineup with The Big Lebowski.  The enclosed patio will be extra cozy watching Rushmore, Lost Boys, Fear & Loathing and Purple Rain to name a few.  The final fall lineup wouldn’t be complete without a proper send off from Will Ferrell in Elf on December 17th.  If you want to grab a blanket and cozy up on the couches, on the enclosed rooftop, with space heaters, you will feel right at home; but even better because of the vast, never ending supply of half price whiskey.Here’s the movie lineup for you to mark your calendar.  Although it’s pretty easy to remember, #FreeFlicks at 8:30pm on #WhiskeyWednesday at Sundown at Granada.sundownmovieposterfall (1)

2 Responses to "#WhiskeyWednesday Movie Night is BACK!"
  1. Grace May 15, 2015 02:05

    I’m curious about your whiskey and movie nights. Are all your whiskeys half price or just specific ones? Thanks!

    • Zuhoski May 28, 2015 11:05

      All whiskey and scotch is half price!

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