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Tag Archives: Alcohol

Rooftop Movie Night: Spring Line-Up


Spring is in the air and so is our line up of great movies this spring! Every wednesday night starting at 8:30pm, we’ll be screening some of your favorite classic films on the Sundown rooftop with ½ price whiskey specials to enjoy!

March Madness is upon us and we’ve got some great movies to get you in the mood to cheer on your favorite teams as they make their way through the brackets.

April has some of the best goofy comedies that will have you reaching for the munchies.

May the 4th be with you! This year we’re screening Fanboys, a film about Star Wars fanatics taking a trip to George Lucas’ ranch so their dying friend can see Star Wars: Episode I before its release.

May 11th, we’ve got a Wes Anderson classic, Rushmore starring Bill Murray and Jason Shwartzman

May 18th, we’re showing one of our favorite Disney Original movies, Smart House and on May 25th, we’ll be showing Steamboy, an anime about a boy inventor caught in the middle of a deadly conflict in 1860’s Britain.

So come enjoy some great cocktails while you watch these great classic movies!

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Valentine’s Day Dinner at Sundown at Granada

Looking for a special event to take your loved one on Valentine’s Day this year? Come spend it with us at Sundown at Granada! We’ve got a great menu available complete with several delicious courses, and optional suggested wine pairings to top off a perfect meal.

Prices are only $35 per person, or $70 per person with the suggested wine pairing. If you choose from our vegetarian menu, prices are $28 per person, or $63 with the suggested wine pairing.

Reserve your spot today for Valentine’s dinner at Sundown at Granada! Call 214-823-8305 to make your reservation.


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Lakewood Brewing Company Keg Tapping Happy Hour Today



We are  pleased to announce  our new partnership with Lakewood Brewing Company.  We will be featuring Lakewood’s Rock Ryder American Rye Wheat. It’s a wheat beer for the masses that pours with a rocky white head and has a cloudy straw color.  It’s light, refreshing and will quench a Texas-sized summer thirst.  Join us today for happy hour from 4p – 7p.  You can meet the Lakewood Brewing Company folks and enjoy our new beer.  Meet me at Sundown!


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Vegan Friendly Alcohol

0 Comments 12 June 21:48

Yes I said it Vegetarian and vegan friendly alcohol! To our surprise there is a wide variety of beer wine and liquor that is considered vegan friendly. There are certain ingredients that beers have that make a beer non vegan including dairy, sea shells, and even chicken:

    • -Isinglass: this is used to stabilize the foam (head). This certain ingredient comes from the swim-bladders of fish.  Collagen is the active ingredient that is used from the bladder and is more common in European beers.


  • -Gelatin: this is a given everybody knows, if not you now do, that gelatin is made by extracting collagen from the hides and bones from farm animals.
  • -Bone Char:  this is used to filter beer, this is in a nut shell burnt bones.  Beer runs through a bone char to remove impurities.
  • -Honey: this is sometime used as a sweetener for beer, bees make honey.

Even though you are now educated on what makes a beer non vegan friendly, some or most of these ingredients are not listed because some were used in the filtering process. Thanks to the internet you can find a complete list of beers that are vegan friendly as well as wine and liquor. Some popular alcohol items that would surprise you and ARE vegan friendly:

  • -Becks, Blue Moon Belgian White, Shiner Original
  • -Coors, Bud Light,  Corona
  • -Modelo,   Lone Star



    • -Absolut, Firefly Vodka,  Grey Goose
    • -Captain Morgan Rum, Cruzan Rum, Jack Daniels
    • -Hornitos, Kahlua,  Jose Cuervo

You can find the whole list of vegan friendly alcohol here: Vegan Friendly Alcohol!


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