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Tag Archives: Rooftop Patio

Whiskey & Movies Wednesday is back for your viewing pleasure 01/14/2015

mike and ET

Time travel, alien creatures, and the triumphant underdog are the main theme behind the movie selection for the latest round of “Whiskey & Movies Wednesday”.

Whiskey & Movies Wednesday starts at 8:30 on January 14th on Sundown’s enclosed, heated rooftop patio.

Whiskey is half price at 5:00pm until closing time every Wednesday night.  #whiskeywednesday #freeflicks

Here is a synopsis of the movies.  Bill and Ted jump in a phone booth and travel back in time to meet Socrates, Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln in order to avoid flunking high school. Two brothas from different mothas, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, join forces to create “Prestige Worldwide”.  A team of Jamaicans defy haters and compete in the Winter Olympics bobsled competition.  Bastian travels through Fantasia with Falcor, a dog-lizard hybrid.  Tom Cruise feels completed by Renee Zellweger (say it with me, “You complete me”).  Elliot saves E.T. or E.T. saves Elliot, both perspectives result in tears and a warm heart.  More time travel, but this time the Delorean is the transporter. Gene Wilder inspires us to stay young, “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men”.  Sensei Miyagi teaches Ralph Macchio to kick ass, but in a responsible, zenful way.  Mel Brooks creates a cult classic Star Wars Parody. Finally, color coded mobsters’ plan goes awry and a bromance is destroyed right before death.  C’est la vie.

If you have no idea what movies I described, the timeline and movie titles are posted here.




I am starting a petition to put “The Labyrinth” on the next season of Whiskey & Movie Wednesday.  David Bowie, The Goblin King, has the babe with the power (“What power? The power of Voodoo”).

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Wanz Dover To Mix Stereo on Strike 3.0 at Sundown’s Patio Rooftop


Wanz Dover is mixing for Granada’s new monthly DJ night series  Stereo on Strike 3.0 at Sundown’s rooftop patio.

Mwanza “Wanz” Dover has been an institution in the metroplex for two decades, having led numerous DFW bands including The Black Dotz, Mazinga Phaser and The Falcon Project. He has also performed with Glenn Branca’s 100-guitar ensemble many times.

Wanz is also a prolific DJ, mixing every genre under the sun under his own name and penned the genre “Futro”, a beacon of old-school dubstep, as Blixaboy. Wanz also founded Dallas’ Laptop Deathmatch and won SXSW’s Laptop Battle in 2010.

Wanz Dover is in the mix for the first Stereo on Strike 3.0 with Shooknite, Jason Acton and Gabriel Mendoza on September 15th, 9pm, on Sundown at Granada’s rooftop patio.

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Spend Your Friday Night On Our Rooftop

Here at Sundown, we are about great food and drink. And now we’re about great music.  Friday night meet us on our Rooftop Deck starting at 10pm for RESONANCE brought to you by Dub Assembly.  It’s 21+ and no cover.  You’ll hear Garage, Tech-House, Deeper Dub, Indy Dance, Electro, Glitch, 2-Step, New Wave, Acid Breaks, Retro, to name a few.  For Aries3 and Mundo RESONANCE is about the music behind the music we are known for; and want to share some of what makes us dance.  In the tradition of the Granada Theater, we are sharing with you different genres of music and Friday night will be no different.   Ice cold drinks, a great view of Lower Greenville (don’t worry about the heat because we have our mister fans) and kick ass music.





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Breaking Bad Final: Sundown Watching Party

2 Comments 10 July 20:01

The final season of Breaking Bad premiers (season 5),  and we are screening the show till the end of Walt and Jesse’s adventure.  We  are installing new PVC high visibility screens, with 5,000 lumen projectors,  picture quality will never look so clean and crisp and in time for the watching party.  Screening starts at 9:00 pm but get their early for preferred seating,  in our comfortable lounging seating and mind blowing “Pac-man” ottoman.   Happy hour will start early for these premiers  which include:  $3 Texas beers, $4 Titos,  and $5 selected wines from McPherson Cellars.  Also on the slate as for specials we will have “Blue Ice” cocktails  and $4 tacos to satisfy your hunger.  Better catch up on your Breaking Bad  while you still can because the king has returned!!

TIME: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

WHERE:   Sundown at Granada  Roof Top

ADDRESS: 3520 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX 75206 · Get Directions

WHEN: Sunday July 15th

Perfect if you only have Netflix or Hulu :)!!!


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