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Vegan Friendly Alcohol

0 Comments 12 June 21:48

Yes I said it Vegetarian and vegan friendly alcohol! To our surprise there is a wide variety of beer wine and liquor that is considered vegan friendly. There are certain ingredients that beers have that make a beer non vegan including dairy, sea shells, and even chicken:

    • -Isinglass: this is used to stabilize the foam (head). This certain ingredient comes from the swim-bladders of fish.  Collagen is the active ingredient that is used from the bladder and is more common in European beers.


  • -Gelatin: this is a given everybody knows, if not you now do, that gelatin is made by extracting collagen from the hides and bones from farm animals.
  • -Bone Char:  this is used to filter beer, this is in a nut shell burnt bones.  Beer runs through a bone char to remove impurities.
  • -Honey: this is sometime used as a sweetener for beer, bees make honey.

Even though you are now educated on what makes a beer non vegan friendly, some or most of these ingredients are not listed because some were used in the filtering process. Thanks to the internet you can find a complete list of beers that are vegan friendly as well as wine and liquor. Some popular alcohol items that would surprise you and ARE vegan friendly:

  • -Becks, Blue Moon Belgian White, Shiner Original
  • -Coors, Bud Light,  Corona
  • -Modelo,   Lone Star



    • -Absolut, Firefly Vodka,  Grey Goose
    • -Captain Morgan Rum, Cruzan Rum, Jack Daniels
    • -Hornitos, Kahlua,  Jose Cuervo

You can find the whole list of vegan friendly alcohol here: Vegan Friendly Alcohol!


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