Of Sundown at Granada

Our local vendors are passionate about what they do, and that isn't hard to see. These natural products come to us from some of the best folks around, and you can taste the difference that their love and delicious ingredients make. Many of these products are sourced from all natural, non-GMO ingredients, with no unnecessary growth hormones or antibiotics. These vendors continue to provide us with the highest quality of products, exceeding our expectations and making our dishes one of a kind. Check them out below!


A passion for fresh and local produce with sustainable agricultural practices are what makes our produce suppliers so beautifully unique! These produce farmers bring us products that are grown from Non-GMO seeds and most use a sustainable agricultural system. Such practices of a sustainable agricultural system involve soilless growing techniques, use of sterile rainwater, no chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides are used in growing the products.


Our protein vendors are some of the best, using no growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics sourcing grass-fed meats and eggs. We receive our Akaushi Beef from HeartBrand Beef, who produce source-verified Akaushi beef under rigorous quality guidelines and certified product testing. Our farm-fresh eggs come to us from the ‘Certified Humane’ pasture-raised hens out of Vital Farms, meaning each hen gets a minimum of 108 sq ft of pasture to roam. These happy hens are the key to delicious eggs, and you can certainly taste the difference.


Our local cheese vendors practice the art of cheesemaking to ensure that every bite exceeds our expectations, following centuries-old recipes and using the freshest milk and finest Texas ingredients. Our vendors provide both the tastiest and most nutritious dairy to our establishment, ensuring our dishes are top-notch and supported by the highest quality of cheeses.

Baking & Sweets

Baking the world a better place one loaf of bread at a time, our bread & sweets vendors are our local heroes! These dedicated vendors share many of our same principles: patience, creativity and a commitment to quality. Their attention-to-detail sets them apart from the crowd, and they are masters of making delicious products from scratch. From promoting the health and well-being of North Texas bees to creating some of Dallas' best pastries, these vendors are truly one-of-a-kind.

Spices & Nuts

Our spice & nut vendors provide a large, fresh, high-quality assortment of spices & nuts from simple to exotic. We love to elevate our dishes with these products and use them to flavor many of our meals. Their roasting and packaging are done on site which allows us to guarantee a fresh product of the highest quality.


Our kombucha drink vendor is the finest around, and it's plain to see that they strive to brew the freshest kombucha using only organic ingredients and using absolutely nothing artificial to brew the highest quality product. This Texas-based brewery uses only organic ingredients when brewing: several specialty tea blends packed with antioxidants, and organic raw evaporated cane juice.